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Who can benefit from learning the Alexander Technique?

seated figure ballerina baseball player pregnant woman

"Hope, you took the time to understand the traps I fall into in my acting, and find a way to get rid of them. You gave me a clear experience specifically aimed at my needs. My sleep patterns have changed, my asthma symptoms are greatly reduced and, in combination with vocal therapy, my vocal nodes are gone!"

Actor, Alley Theater

"I have learned that no matter how much stretching or conditioning I do, my physical tension will endure unless my spine is reeducated to move freely. Although I had a history of back pain, I used the Technique throughout the entire rehearsal process and made it through my role as Richard III with no back trouble at all. Alexander Technique is a life-changing experience."

Dan Vespa, actor

Writers and Computer Users

seated figureIn the current epidemic of repetitive strain injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic back pain, headaches and stress related disorders, many computer users suffer. While ergonomic design can improve the work station--chair design, monitor and keyboard placement--the Alexander Technique enables you to use your own body's design, even when the work station is not ideal. By understanding the Alexander Technique's basic alphabet of movement, you can avoid injury and often relieve the agonizing symptoms associated with computer use. Your Alexander Technique teacher guides you to:

  • sit upright without strain.
  • prevent spinal compression and muscular tension in the neck, shoulders and upper back.
  • encourage freer range of motion in the joints and muscles.
  • tap the keyboard and mouse lightly to reduce stress on the wrist and carpal tunnel.
  • attune to your body's signals, heed early warning stress signs and ward off pain before it escalates.
  • breathe properly to prevent fatigue and soothe the nervous system
  • restore balance in your back - during and after work - each day


Singers, Dancers, Actors and Musicians

ballerinaPerforming artists study the Alexander Technique to reduce performance anxiety, lessen the likelihood of injury and enhance stage presence. The Alexander Technique gives them sharp focus, a highly refined sensory awareness, efficient use of their energy, excellent balance and coordination and an inner sense of calm. Some of the renowned actors and musicians who have been using the Alexander Technique since the beginning of this century are: Julie Andrews, William Hurt, Jeremy Irons, James Earl Jones, Paul McCartney, Kelley McGillis, Patti Lupone, Paul Newman, Sting, Maggie Smith, Mary Steenbergen, Robin Williams, Joanne Woodward, and members of the New York Philharmonic


Athletes and Fitness Enthusiasts

baseball playerThough the Alexander Technique is a wonderful stress-reducer, you can also use it during vigorous activities. If you work out, proper form and degree of muscular tension are just as important as how strenuously or how often you exercise. By demonstrating principles of efficient movement, the Alexander Technique teacher offers the fitness enthusiast a way to prevent injury and gain better results. Studying the Alexander Technique gives you the skills to prevent pain while you improve breathing, balance and posture. Together, you and your Alexander Technique teacher can explore how to solve movement problems and optimize your performance, adding to your achievement and enjoyment. You can apply the Alexander Technique to any activity--tennis, golf, skiing, baseball, horseback riding, basketball, etc.


Pregnant Women

pregnant womanThe Alexander Technique has much to offer women before, during and after childbirth. Before pregnancy, you can use the Technique to unlearn harmful postural habits while improving balance and coordination. This enables you to manage your body during the changes pregnancy brings. During pregnancy, the Alexander Technique teacher can help eliminate lower back pain caused by increased weight in front of the body. The baby's growth limits the mother's internal space and her organs become compressed. This can result in digestive problems and shortness of breath. Use of the Alexander Technique will allow more internal space for both mother and baby. With more breath and mobility, the mother can stay active. To help the mother prepare for labor and delivery, Alexander Technique lessons coordinate breathing and strengthen pelvic muscles. During childbirth, the Alexander Technique can help the mother manage the physical challenges. After childbirth, a mother can continue to use the Technique to help focus on her own self care while nourishing and caring for her child. Both parents can learn how to manage the constant lifting and carrying that come with parenthood.

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