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The Alexander Technique:
How to Get Started

Learn how the Alexander Technique can help you ease your back pain, asthma, muscle tension or stress.

Services . . .

  • Private sessions, at her office in New York City's Union Square
  • One-on-one, individual coaching sessions at workplace or gym
  • Business consulting: on-site stress management seminars for employee's health and productivity
  • Yoga: Hope Gillerman recommends Real Beginners Yoga.

For more information or to schedule a consultation contact Hope Gillerman

"The impact of the Alexander Technique on my work is immense. It heightens my availability in my work and the ease in which I can eventually execute my choices. It is an essential part of my theater training."

Jesselyn Gilsig, Television Actress
Boston Public


To get the full benefit of the Alexander Technique, one-on-one sessions are recommended. Try a single introductory session. Experience how the teacher's hands-on guidance enables you to shed deeply ingrained habits, and learn what you can do to start feeling better.

For more information or to schedule a session call:
(212) 387-0721 or email Hope at



Alexander Technique Back Care Basics

The Alexander Technique can help you prevent or recover from back injury by giving you specific skills to apply on the job, at the computer or on the run. Discover how to heed the signs of strain before back pain and injury set in. Learn pain relief strategies, including a comfortable, restorative way to rest your back each day.


Stretching with the Alexander Technique

A daily gentle stretching routine can wake you up, get you going and, if you work out, make you stronger. Rather than tugging on stubborn, rigid muscles, learn how to use the mind-body connection to ease muscle tension and restore elasticity. Learn a set of all around stretches that can help you make new gains in flexibility.


*** TAKE TWO AND SAVE: come to both workshops for $60 ***

Workshops take place at:
32 Union Square East, Room 615N (betw. 15 & 16 St.)

To preregister call: (212) 387-0721
or email:



Exercising With the Alexander Technique

Do your regular workouts leave you tight, sore or prone to injury? Many disciplined, motivated exercisers are mystified that their hard work doesn't yield better results. Get individualized instruction for less strained, more dynamic workouts. If you practice yoga, the instructor's unique Alexander touch will help you access more clarity, power and ease.

One-on one sessions by appointment
at your gym or 32 Union Square East

Stress Management With Body Intelligence

If you leave work feeling overly fatigued, tense or in pain, you could benefit from coaching sessions at your workplace. Learn how to arrange your desk area for greater comfort. Pick up practical ways to have more energy during the day and sleep better at night.

One-on one sessions by appointment
at your workplace

To schedule an introductory session or consultation call:
(212) 387-0721 or email Hope at



A two-hour, on-site experiential seminar. Covers the basics of everyday back care, stress reduction and computer work without pain. Costing the equivalent of one ergonomically designed chair, this seminar will give your employees a unique education for health and productivity. Recommended class size is 15 people. Can be adapted for larger groups if necessary.

For more information, scheduling and room specifications contact Hope Gillerman.

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For more information, contact:
Hope Gillerman
Board-certified Alexander Technique Instructor
32 Union Square East, Room 615 N
New York, NY 10003
tel 212 387-0721
fax 212 674-2399