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Learning the Alexander Technique

"Because instruction is tailored to your particular activities and abilities, the Alexander Technique meets your needs rather than asking you to conform to a system."

Hope Gillerman,
New Choices Magazine, May 1998

You learn the Technique through a series of private sessions with an Alexander Technique teacher. This posture and movement specialist helps you see how your movement style relates to your symptoms. She helps you, with words and touch, release strain and elicit your body's natural internal support. With a unique hands-on method, she gives you the feeling of moving lightly and easily. You learn how to replicate that experience on your own — in any activity, long after your lessons are over.

Athletes demonstrate
the body's natural
poise and buoyancy

A lesson is an opportunity for you to unwind and see how your mind and body work. In each session, you:

  • Unravel stress while lying on a body work table.
  • Relearn basic movements — sitting, standing, walking, bending, reaching.
  • Refine specialized activities you choose — working at the computer, gardening, playing a sport, singing.

"This is the first time in five years that I have had daily relief from pain! And I don't need to take time away from my daily activities to do an exercise. I simply correct the way I am using my body, in the moment."

Mary Robinson, Office manager
Department of Social Services

Who can Benefit?

© Hope Gillerman

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Hope Gillerman
Board-certified Alexander Technique Instructor
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