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Hope Gillerman in the Media

"The physical confidence to remain in a relaxed state, which anyone can learn {with the Alexander Technique}, sets one at ease,‘ asserts Gillerman, ‘This defines poise."

Elle Magazine, March 2001 issue, in an
article on poise and charm.



Hope has appeared on the following programs:

  • Discovery Health Channel's "21st Century Medicine" in an episode on pain
  • PBS's "Healthy Living with Jane Seymour"
  • CNN/FN's "Just in Time" on reducing stress in the workplace
  • WNBC's "Weekend Today in New York" on improving posture with the Alexander Technique


As the media spokesperson for the American Society for the Alexander Technique from 1998-2002, she provided expert advice on the Alexander Technique, posture and movement to numerous venues, including:

  • Prevention Magazine "Move Away From Pain" June 2002, "Double Your Energy", February 2002
  • Prevention Health Books on back pain for “The Doctors Books for Preventing Disease,” Rodale Press, 1999 on arthritis pain for "The Doctor's Book of Alternative Home Remedies” and on preparing for pregnancy and childbirth for “Women's Wisdom That Works.”
  • The New York Times "Creating a Generation of Slouchers" January 2001
  • Elle Magazine "Charmed, I'm Sure" March 2001
  • Natural Health Magazine "Ease Your Asthma" December 2000
  • Self Magazine special report, "Pain Proof Your Back" April 1999

  • Arthritis Today and The Arthritis Foundation's Guide to Alternative Therapies, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Alternative Medicine, More Choices Magazine, More Magazine, Natural Living Today,, and Bottom Line Health.

“I want to thank you for having taken me from a state of great pain and discouragement--to where I feel better than I have for years. Seldom do I have any cervical pain at all. I am 78 today, so I realize that this is a remarkable accomplishment!”

Dwight W. Webb, Poet, Writer

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